• New Year’s Day CASH Giveaway!

    New Years Day CASH Giveaway!!!!

  • Apple and China Mobile Finally Make a Deal!

    This is exciting! iPhones coming to a huge Chinese market! Congrats to both companies.

  • Paula Gardner Believes in the Power of Mind Over Matter

    A linguist who speaks English, French, and Italian, a teacher of over 30 years, a mother, and a wellness coach to many with ailments like blindness and MS, Paula Gardner believes that humans have the ability to ease their pain levels with the power of their own mind.

  • When Warren Buffet Gives Advice, Listen Up!

    Warren Buffet gives 5 pieces of personal financial advice that everyone should listen to…it actually sounds a lot like what my parents told me as a child, and continue to tell me today. Isn’t is just common sense, after all? So, why do some of us make these common money mistakes? Let’s truly reflect on what makes us spend money we don’t have?

  • Julie Waldman, CEO of Digital Footsteps, Doesn’t Have to Tiptoe

    Digital Footsteps is an app that you can buy directly from your tablet, smartphone or IPAD that will help you get to where you need to go. Whether you are on vacation or in your on backyard, you now have the opportunity to take a tour while you are saving money on informational guides, food, souvenirs, and even your walking shoes.

  • The Entrepreneurial Spirit

    What amazes me most about entrepreneurs is their perseverance and their ability to whole-heartedly and completely believe in their ideas. Such traits should be admired by the masses. In times where talk show hosts pick their guests apart to discuss, low self esteem, it seems that there are others out there who are able to shout from the rooftops about how proud they are in themselves. And, why shouldn’t they? Entrepreneurs spend hours upon hours perfecting their products, carving and crafting, all for their labor of love.

  • 50/50: Couples Split their Money in the Modern World

    With women taking up more seats at colleges and Universities throughout the world, they are earning more and becoming more powerful. Each decade progression makes room for more women who are confident in their decision-making abilities in both their work and personal life. So, how does this societal shift between men and women affect change in the financial/emotional relationships between men and women?

  • The True Cost of NOT Participating in the Holidays

    Getting into the holiday spirit can be difficult for some and easy for others. Depending on the events of the year, lives and deaths, money or no money, illness or health, one chooses to take time during the holiday to reflect and choose his or her emotional level of participation in the holidays.

  • Frugal Friday

    Ever think that allocating a particular day to save your money is a good choice? Well, it is. Similar to dieting, one should fast at least one day a week in order to revamp itself a bit, to settle. The same goes for your money. Let the dust settle a bit. The week is over, re-charge. Relax. It wouldn’t hurt to spend the night with friends by cooking a meal with ingredients found in your cupboard, or to crack open a bottle of wine that is slightly dusty. Use what you’ve got. Just because your not spending dollars does not mean you are not spending quality time with yourself or others. Humans accumulate so many things over the course of a lifetime. Why not be a bit creative and think of ways to utilize items that we already have?

  • Bartering in the Digital Age

    For those of you who informally bartered in the past, like asking your friend for a favor in exchange for a favor, those were the easy days. But what about in today’s digital age? How can a business owner, even a sole proprietor find their way to prosperity through bartering digitally? Before you start to feel flustered, getting flashbacks of those days in computer class or of just having technical difficulties setting up your original Facebook account, let’s settle down and get serious. By joining social networks like Facebook and Twitter you’ve already set yourself up on a good path. You put your name or your business name out in the digital universe and have let the world wide web take care of your every business need…right?

  • To Splurge or Not to Splurge on Thanksgiving

    According to news reports, the cost of a Thanksgiving meal per person is down $.44 cents this year. Whoopie! How should Americans react to this news? Dance in the street? Of course, my tone is facetious, but , really, 44 cents? C’mon. Now that the American Farm Bureau Federation has published their findings, let’s really talk turkey! How can a typical American family save money on Thanksgiving and eat and enjoy a great meal with fabulous atmosphere?

  • Black Friday: To Shop or Not to Shop?

    As Thanksgiving approaches, it seems that instead of America getting into the spirit of family,friends, food, and football, they have also gotten accustom to running out to the stores as soon as they open. This phenomenon Americans call, Black Friday, is really a ploy for retailers to get you into their stores and rev you up for the holiday season. People actually get so rambunctious that there have been injuries and deaths to enter the stores in the wee hours of the morning when the stores are offering the best deals. Amazingly, some stores have jumped on a campaign that states that they are keeping Thanksgiving …

  • Is it Worth Being Cheap?

    To describe someone as cheap is equivalent to using a derogatory term. Nobody likes being labeled as cheap. To be nice, friends might use language like, “oh, he’s just careful with money,” or “don’t mind her, she just has a lot of bills right now, she’s not usually this cheap.” Even the iconic character, George Costanza on Seinfeld, always denied his affinity for is low-budgeted ways. But, what if a person is proud of saving money? Clipping coupons, looking for discounts, buying items on sale…

  • November is Anti-Bullying Month: How to NOT get BULLIED out of YOUR Money!!

    Upon reflection of November’s Anti-Bullying Awareness Month, I am impassioned to speak about financial bullying. Finances are a touchy subject among friends, and a necessary conversation between spouses, but whether you are single, married, young, or …

  • Bartering for Better Business Practice

    If you are an experienced business owner, you have probably bartered for many of your goods and services already. Many entrepreneurs are savvy enough to find what they need and get it by either buying it or bartering for it…

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